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Project | 01

Project | 01 Hiraeth: Poems

My current writing project centers on the women on my mother's side of the family. To generate material, I've borrowed a practice from poet Chloe Honum (Then, Winter and The Tulip-Flame) who freewrites and then applies the concept of found poetry to her own words. Read a poem from this project here

Project | 02

Project | 02 Sand Hills

In 2012, I was appointed Faculty Advisor of Sand Hills, Augusta University's literary magazine since 1973--a publication that has featured work by famous writers and artists such as Judith Ortiz Cofer and Louise Shivers, as well as my own mother and husband. In 2018, the magazine made the leap from student-exclusive publication to national journal. For info.:

Project | 03

Project | 03 Writers Weekend

Writers Weekend made its debut in Spring 2013, thanks to an anonymous donor, and the faith and support of Dr. Lillie B. Johnson. An annual event, Writers Weekend has played host to a number of award-winning authors and performers. Writers Weekend 2019 will take place January 25th-27th. To learn more, visit  


Project | 04

Project | 04 The 30/30 Project

The 30/30 Project is an extraordinary challenge and fundraiser for Tupelo Press, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) literary press. Each month, volunteer poets run the equivalent of a “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days, while others “sponsor” and encourage them every step of the way. 


I am participating in the 30/30 Project during February 2019 and I would love to have your help as I work to help this deserving organization. 

To see more or discuss possible work, let's talk. >>
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